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Monday, September 27, 2010

some selfish time.

Last Monday was one of the best in long, long time. Last Sunday after church, we headed to my parents house with 2 little boys packed for a 48-hour stay. They were staying. Jeremy and I were not. We have not had a single night away from the boys since last December when we celebrated our anniversary. It was due time. overdue, actually. And after fumbling through weekends, nothing was working on the calendar. So we decided it didn't have to be a weekend. Our plan was that Jeremy would work that week as normal but he could take off a little early on Monday and we could have a long afternoon/evening together. We dropped off the boys. I was a little worried about Pax since it had been so long that I had left him for more than a few hours. But he seemed to do fine when we left and Holden was waving to us. Seriously, Holden could not have cared less. He had his Nana and Poppa Js undivided attention.

We spent Sunday afternoon/evening together. We acted a little selfish and did some things that we're not able to do as easily with the boys. Jeremy did a little shopping for clothes. We went out to dinner. And then we went for a late night run. I've been running again! I dare to even post it on this blog. Normally when I announce on the blog that I'm running, we add a child to our family. So this is risky business, here. :) I love having a running partner and I would love it to be Jeremy. But that just doesn't work for us at this time. On Monday Jeremy ended up surprising me and stayed home from work. We slept 10 hours that night! And actually, we still woke up by 8am. I could hardly recognize my face in the mirror. I like the well-rested look. I wish I could wear it more often. I'm just not discplined enough to turn out the lights at 9am. But 10 hours really was amazing. But then we got up and got rolling. We did a little more shopping at a fun outdoor mall, close by. The weather was great! We ate lunch at a taco place. We saw a funny movie. (We never see movies in the theatre because we're too cheap!) And we just had alot of time to relax and be together. And we went for another run on Monday night!

Tuesday I ran a few errands. I was in and out of places in no time. Amazing how quick you can get around when you aren't unloading and reloading a double stroller plus the boys. It was a great 48-hours. To be completely honest, I NEEDED this time. I needed just a small break from my role as mommy/care-taker/meeter-of-every-need. And Jeremy and I needed the time together. It really was like a dose of medicine. It was restful and fun. And I'm pretty sure the boys had a fun time with their grandparents. Rumor is they played on the tire swing, ran around outside, ate icecream and Holden brought home a 10 foot choo-choo train that he and Nana had worked on over those 2 days. And amazingly enough, that same Nana had washed all of their clothes. So they came home with no laundry needing to be done! Incredible. When can we schedule their next sleepover? :)


The Bradts said...

Well that pic of your dad and Holden is PRICELESS!!!

everyday graces said...

So happy you and J got some time together. It's also good for the kids! and 2 runs to boot!

The Nanny Family said...

Thank God for grandparents!