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Sunday, June 21, 2009

His 2nd Father's Day.

Today was Jeremy 2nd Father's Day. You may remember that last year on Father's Day we were here. We were supposed to be dedicating our sweet little boy at church, but instead he was recovering from surgery. So this year was so much different and so much better. We had a healthy and ACTIVE little boy to celebrate his daddy and shower him with love! After church we went to lunch at Primo's, where I believe Holden enjoyed almost an entire loaf of bread. Ahhhh . . . Primo's bread. Who can blame him for that? And Jeremy enjoyed whatever was left of it. Then we just relaxed at the house. Not too exciting, I know. I tried to talk Jeremy into a game of golf or going to the pool. But we stayed home and that was fine. A low key celebration.

Jeremy, I have loved watching you learn your new role as daddy over the past year. And I have to say that you are a fabulous one! You are constantly putting us first and yourself second, which sometimes means you get whatever is left. :( And that makes me a little sad for you at times. But you are selfless and I have seen this to be even more accurate with the addition of Holden. You take your role as father seriously and that has been an answer to my prayers. Some of my favorite moments are watching you read from Holden's Bible and pray with him each and every night. And I love the times, like this afternoon, where you make that boy laugh and cackle like no one else can. He adores you! I adore you! You are the love of my life and Holden and I are grateful for each moment we get with you! Like I said earlier, I wish you were off work every day so we could spend it with you. But you're right, that cardboard box just wouldn't work for our family. Babe, I could not have chosen a better daddy for our 17 kids. ;)
Jeremy opens his gifts (with the help of mister).
Holden's little stepping stone that he made for daddy.


Molly said...

ADORABLE! I love every part of this! That gift is so fun and thoughtful! Where did you make it? I may have to steal that idea.

So glad i am not the only one who thinks I need a ton of kids! This is just too much fun to stop!

Melodie said...

hey Molly. the stepping stone was a little $10 kit from hobby lobby. they had some different options. the decorative rocks and everything were included.
yeah, 4 kids still seems like a good fit for us. but occasionally i think 5 or 6 would be great. we'll see when we get there.

The Bradts said...

Oooh!! The onery is coming out in him in that last picture! Too cute!