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Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Holden

I know this is long overdue. Things have just been busy. We returned home from the hospital late Sunday afternoon. And as of last night, I think he is just about 100% back to himself. He finally slept in the bassinet by himself last night – the entire night. Well, with the exception of feedings every 3 hours. While he was so sick and vomiting, I had been sitting up and holding him while he slept. I was somewhat afraid that he might choke and I just wasn’t comfortable sleeping while all of that was going on with his little body. Anyways, it is no wonder that when we returned home he did not want to be laid down. He wanted to be held. But we prayed and prayed and prayed last night and he slept on his own with no fuss. Amazing! I think he is getting back to his normal and laid back temperament. He was just a little traumatized through the hospital stay and surgery. And who wouldn’t be!! Thanks for everyone’s concern and prayers. He is really doing great now!

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DeBrady said...

I am so glad that he made it through everything so well. He is just so adorable! He is so blessed to have you and Jeremy as parents. I just wannna kiss his cheeks! :)