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Friday, June 26, 2009

Kaleidoscope Kids!!!

Yesterday evening we met with our little playgroup. We met at a spray ground and it was HOT!!! Even after 5pm it was HOT! Holden loved the water spraying out everywhere. He also loved running away from the spray ground to the parking lot, so Jeremy and I did a bit of chasing. Life was so much easier before he was walking. Holden got to play with a new little friend, whom we'll call Baby M until her adoption is finalized. Then we also got to see the regulars: Sadie, Cooper and Owen. It was a small group yesterday evening, but nonetheless, I'm loving meeting these new families each month. I forgot my camera, which was really sad. So I just hijacked some pictures from Molly's blog. Holden with the ladies.
Holden puts the moves on Sadie. Sweet kisses. This boy is pretty affectionate. Wild, crazy, loud and busy; but also affectionate.


Molly said...

I am so glad that you all are loving it as much as we are. Had I known way back when that it would be this hot, and that we would only have 4 families...we could have had everyone to our house!

Thanks for making these so much fun and for sharing your little man with us! Hope to see you soon!

bsjones7 said...

I am sad that we didnt get to come. We had planned on it, but it was Calebs last swim lesson last night and he did so good on tuesday night swimming all alone (with a swim belt) that I wanted him to get a little more practice. We don't have a pool in our neighborhood so I have tried to take advantage of every 'big pool' opportunity that I can! We are planning on coming next month!

Aubrey said...

Sadie and Holden are just too cute together!!

The Coopers said...

I love how sweet Sadie has her little hand on his face too. What a sweet little pair!!

Daysha said...

oh looks like it was loads of fun. yea! we'll have to try it out.