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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Hair

During our week at my parents house, I changed my hair color . . . yet again. For the record, I stayed brunette for almost an entire year. I think I went brown for the 3rd and FINAL time, last August. And even though my natural color has been more brownish in the last 10+ years. It doesn't look right to me. It's like is clashes with my skin tone or something. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense. Anyways, after the initial shock of the new change wears off, I end up not liking the brown on my head so much. So if I ever ask any of you what you think about me going back to brunette, just say no!
I like change and I think that is why I sometimes change the hair color. I sarcastically told my mom that the next time I needed a change, I might just pierce my nose. She wasn't thrilled about that idea. And I know my suddenly straight-laced husband wouldn't like it either.
But you know it's not much of a post without something about Holden. I decided that he needed a little hair trim, while I sat under the dryer. He still kind of rubs some hair off the back of his head, which makes it thinner in that area. Then he has tons of hair at the crown. So I just wanted to even it up. It was his first salon cut and he did so well. He also got to enjoy his first sucker!
just getting started combing through those wonderful curls!
finishing up
He was such a good boy and sat so still. Even with the electric trimmer rumbling behind his head.
So here we are with our new summer hair.
What is it about a little boy! You give him a trim and he looks like he's grown 5 inches.


Daysha said...

I love it!!

Molly said...

I loved seeing you with the foil on your head! You are adorable blonde or brown...but I love this new look!

That picture of him with the sucker is to die for! He looks like such a big boy! I am still afraid to buzz Owen's hair because he will for sure look 6 and I can't handle that!

April said...

You both look beautiful!

everyday graces said...

You both are cuties!