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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday with Daddy

Since Jeremy had such a chaotic Saturday and got home so late from his work trip, he was able to spend today with us. And that was delightful! We went to the zoo this morning, until it felt way too hot. Later we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A in the mall. Then we just had to head back home because we knew Holden wasn’t feeling well. Though he was acting like a trooper for us. Poor guy! I won’t even go into all of that. But it is making me very, very sad. And I am praying fiercely that he wakes up completely healed tomorrow. So the remainder of the day we just relaxed together at home. And that was perfectly fine. Holden was extra cuddly and that was just perfect for me. I hated the reason why, but Jeremy and I both soaked up the opportunity. Jeremy, thanks for spending the day with us. I know you would have enjoyed the overtime. But thanks for choosing us instead. This is what I found on Sunday night. Jeremy always reads him a Bible story and then I join them for prayer. Holden normally sits in his lap and looks at the book, but instead they just cuddled during story time.
Okay, we know Holden doesn't feel good. But what is Jeremy's excuse?! Maybe he's just tired of me taking pictures EVERYWHERE.
Holden poses with the friendly tiger.
There's a smile from J, but Holden is still not up to par.


April said...

I need to take Wade back to the zoo. Poor Holden, is he feeling better?

Molly said...

Sweet little man. Hope you get to feeling better soon! I wouldn't want to smile either. Hugs and kisses from Sadie-bug!

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Seriously, are Holden and J brothers? I imagine J looking exactly like him in a year. It's spooky how much they look alike.

Looks like a fun day! Feel better soon!