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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lots of visiting

As you know, Holden and I spent the last week at my parents house. Holden now knows Poppa J and Nana very well. He knows they are the ones that never say the word "no" and do a little bit of the spoiling. He reached for them both as soon as we walked into their house. Since Holden is new to walking, he was exploring the house all week long.

Poppa J even let Holden help water the flowers. It's funny the things grandparents think to do with your kids. Simple things, but yet so thrilling for a child, and they have never even crossed my mind. Mom and I made a few small road trips to see a few other faces this week. On my last visit, I was able to visit with my meme on my dad's side of the family. This time Holden and I were able to see my grandparents on my mom's side. Here is Holden and meme. Holden and dada. Then one day, we were able to go and visit beautiful, teeny tiny Camryn! This is our friends, Josh and Amanda's new baby girl. Isn't she a doll! And she is so tiny. I couldn't get over her petite, little frame and those thin, little legs. I love her already. It was an eventful week and it kept our minds off of missing Jeremy while he was away. Holden and I made it home at 11:00pm yesterday. He did this for most of our drive. And after 24 hours of mass chaos with Delta-Delta-Delta {may I help ya, help ya, help ya}, Jeremy arrived home this afternoon. And so the 3 of us are all back home and should be for a long while!


Daysha said...

We are glad you had a fun week...but personally!! We're so glad you're home...We missed you guys!!

Amanda said...

a LITTLE bit of the spoiling?!?....pft! that's a conservative estimate. :)

Molly said...

Were you driving when you took that? I am glad I am not the only one doing that- WATCH OUT!

My dad does the same thing...they go get the paper, feed the birds, water the yard, shell pecans...WHAT? How is it so exciting to do normal stuff? It must be the "grandparents" status that changes it all!

Glad you're home!