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Friday, January 2, 2009

Holden is 8 months!

On New Years Day Holden turned 8 months. That sounds so old to me. Seriously, my baby can’t be 8 months old?! But indeed he is. And we have enjoyed every single minute of it.
We are beginning to see more of his little personality develop. He is a sweet natured boy that will do things for an applause, a “good boy!” or a “yay!”{said with enthusiasm}. I always cheer for him when he claps his hands. So randomly, he will clap his hands to get a response from me. He is very cuddly and affectionate. Giving lots of kisses, sometimes even to peoples pets . . . which we are trying to steer him away from. :) He is a very trusting baby that has yet to shed a tear when we have dropped him off somewhere (church nurseries, Blake and Lauren’s, Kevin and Andrea’s). Sometimes I think one little tear would be oh so nice. But I know part of it is his age and part of it is his laid back personality, which I am grateful for.
When he is overly tired or exceptionally hungry, he knows how to throw a fit. By throwing his head back and arching his back, kicking his legs or wiggling so much you can barely hang onto the child. These occasions are rare, but they do happen. It really makes me look forward to him being a toddler{sarcasm}. Lord, help us all!
He is making a strong attempt towards crawling, which is fun to watch. He gets himself up on his knees and rocks back and forth. He can easily move himself backwards, but hasn’t learned the art of forward movement. I think it may happen soon, so we are baby proofing this weekend!
Holden is somewhere between 21 and 22 pounds. A growing boy that eats well for us. He now has 6 teeth. The last 2 came in at the end of November, I just failed to mention it on his 7 month post. He tends to be getting 2 teeth at a time, which perhaps is lucky for him. So he has the four on the bottom and now 2 on the top sides. He did not get his 2 front teeth for Christmas (as many joked about), so he looks a bit vampirish when he smiles. But cute all the same!
He loves to sit in a lap and listen to us read a book to him. He will “oooh” as we read. And sometimes he will attempt to eat the book.
Holden is a daily joy for Jeremy and I.
trying so hard to move forward!


everyday graces said...

Wow he's growing so fast. Enjoy being able to leave him w/no tears because one day it will happen and it will break your heart. And it's really bad when they're two and you have to pry every little finger from your clothes because they're holding on for dear life.

Molly said...

look at him! so close to crawling!

he looks so big, and he is!

Owen was the exact same way about not caring if/when we left him. Boy did that change! He's still struggles at the church nursery and Mother's Day out. I have just come to believe this kid likes to be with his family. I do hope one day he will grow out of it!

Now Cooper on the other hand, he says good-bye in the parking lie. He cracks me up!