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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Articles on Adoption

Okay I have been waiting for this issue to be available online. And now it is so I can share it with you all!
About a month ago my dad surprised me by mailing me a Southwestern News publication. He receives them periodically, since he attended seminary there. But he sent this one to me because the entire publication was all about ADOPTION!!! You know that made me excited! And it was a great read. There were several adoptive families, all somehow associated with the seminary - professors, students, alumni . . . There were stories of international adoption, private domestic agency adoption and state adoptions. All unique stories of how God put together their little (or sometimes very large) families. I was instructed to mail it off to my sister once I was done reading. And so I did. But now it is available online for your viewing pleasure. :) And if you give it a look, I know you will be blessed. So check it out here.


kman said...

My name is Keith Collier, and I am the editor of SouthwesternNews magazine. We are humbly blessed to know the impact this issue is having on people around the country. Thank you for sharing your feelings about the issue on your blog.

In Christ,
Keith Collier

the thorntons said...

I just tagged you on my blog, so go check it out!

Amanda said...

I also really loved this issue. Everything was just beautifully and thoughtfully written. I was especially praising the Lord for the guy who said that our walk needs to match our talk in pro-life issues. It's something I hadn't thought a lot about before but he's right. If we are telling people that they should choose life for their little ones, shouldn't we also be the ones willing to adopt or to support those willing to adopt. I loved that!
Thanks for sending it on!