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Friday, January 30, 2009

Dear daddy,

Hi! It's me, Holden. I just wanted to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY since I was asleep when you left this morning! I also wanted to tell you a few of the reasons that I love you so!
1) Mommy says your eyes lit up the first moment you saw me. :)
2) You comfort me when I don't feel well!
3) You let me watch football with you!
4) You take me fun places.
5) Sometimes you nap with me.
6) You read to me.
You are a wonderful daddy and mommy tells me we are very blessed to have one another! I am excited to celebrate YOU!


The Myers said...

Awe! So sweet. Happy B-Day Jeremy!

The Swifts said...

well, that made me cry - hope jeremy has a wonderful birthday!

Laura said...

I second that "Aww!" Happy birthday, Jeremy! We're getting old!

Molly said...

So, so sweet! Love the pictures...if you can't tell, I LOVE seeing your sweet family!

Thanks for sharing and enjoy the festivities!

Amanda said...

You are blessed, indeed, little Holden. What an amazing daddy you have! We love you, J.

Robin said...

I just love Holden's face in the picture where Jeremy is reading to him. He seems so interested!

The Holman Family said...

What a sweet family! :)