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Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer fun!

Our summer officially started May 1st when we headed off to the beach for our vacation. The rest of our May looked a little something like this.
 Trips to the library...
 Which always brings hours and hours of peace and quiet into our home. :) Those books are miracles!
 My littlest continues to get bigger and bigger and now can easily reach the pedals!
 A new water toy as a birthday gift provided some water fun at home.
 Speaking of water fun, we headed down the road to a spray ground one day. It's a simple and little one, but my boys still enjoy it.
 A special ice cream date with my oldest boy. (If you see Holden in this outfit often, it's because he chooses it when it's clean. I'm good keeping up with the laundry, so he wears it ALOT!)
See Abe peaking through behind my seat? :)
 The ending of another fun soccer season. 
 And the first year that these two brothers were teammates. I love this picture of them chatting it up on the sidelines.
Don't let this picture fool you. He did NOT enjoy sitting through soccer games.
One morning I left Abe with my parents and took Holden and Pax boys to see Home. Such a cute and sweet movie.
The first of several summer snow cones!
And I think that finally wraps up our May!

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