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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrating with friends.

We waited to celebrate Holden's birthday with friends after we returned from our travels. In lieu of a party our boys can choose a friend and an activity. Holden chose a brother pair that he has grown up with through church. So on a cloudy Saturday morning we headed to play putt putt and drive go-carts with 4 big boys plus Abe. We knew that the weather was not looking promising so we opted to drive the cars first. Then we moved on to a chaotic game of putt putt. A few holes in and the rain started coming. We ended up spending the rest of the morning in the arcade area. The boys didn't mind at all. After a lunch stop and dessert at our house, our celebration was over. We could officially put a stamp on Holden's 7th birthday. Sometimes we really tend to drag out the birthdays.
 I love these four boys. I hope they continue to be great friends.
 Holden, Brody and Reed all lined up and ready to race.
Pax raced in round 2.
Once Abe saw the big boys driving the go-carts he was adamant that it was his turn. And he was quite unhappy with my response of "you're too little." Oh man, this third boy hears those words from me a lot. And it never satisfies at the age of two. I've mentioned this...but he wants to do WHATEVER he sees his big brothers doing. 
 So daddy bought a ticket to drive a big go-cart and took the little man for a few laps. :)
 Time with the arcade games.
Loaded up and headed for lunch. Pax road in daddy's truck since we couldn't all fit in the mini. And that was our final celebration for Holden.

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