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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Beach Vacation 2015 (Part 3)

I am finally finishing up this vacation post. Good thing, since we have been back for a full month now. But it's been a busy month...including a trip to Oklahoma. And then another trip to San Antonio. We've been on the road and it's been a lot of fun. Now we are home for the rest of summer with a couple of exceptions. Jeremy has a couple of trips with work. And I am lightly tossing around the idea of driving to Colorado to see my sister during one of his trips. 12 hours (plus many stops) in the car with my 3 little guys...I just don't know. Honestly, Holden and Pax were born to road trip. They are all stars. Abe. Well, now...he's a totally different story. And he's got a great set of lungs on him to let everyone know when he is DONE riding his in carseat.  :) So I'd love to cool off in Colorado for a week next month. I just wonder if I can stick Abe on a plane and he can meet us there.
On our way out of Alabama we decided to stop in Mobile at Battleship Memorial Park. Here we were able to tour the USS Alabama. This was right up Jeremy's alley. In his career field of working for defense contractors, he has developed a big interest in military work. I'm pretty sure that if he were starting over at the age of 18, he would go on to finish college and then go straight into the military. Yikes! Our little life would have been a lot different than what it has been these last 12 years. So we stopped to tour the ship and to see all of the fighter jets - which is really what has captured his interest the most.
I think we have decided that if you have any height to you, then the Navy is not the military branch you should head into. Lots of very low ceilings. Shorties go into the Navy. :)
The boys tried out these awful "beds". I sure hope our Navy has a little better quality mattresses these days.
I rode a simulator with the boys...a very similar project that Jeremy has worked on for several years. The boys thought it was pretty cool.
I would not want to be on a ship with these three for captains. :) But they had fun pretending. It was a fun little ending to our beach vacation.

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