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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A special graduate!

Immediately following our beach vacation we had another quick trip to make. We returned home from Orange Beach very late on Thursday night/early Friday morning. We spent Friday at home relaxing a little and unpacking. Then bright and early on Saturday morning we woke the boys and headed for Oklahoma. A very special young lady, Pax's birthmom, was graduating from The University of Oklahoma and we were going to celebrate all of her hard work. She had several rows of family and friends there to cheer her on. And we humbly took our seats right by her parents. This family is so special to us! Jeremy and I are constantly amazed in how these relationships have unfolded. We love M so much and we love her family too! It's incredible how God has woven us all together through the life of a sweet boy that we all love. I'm so appreciative for her story and Pax's story and how it has become our story too. And I'm so proud of this girl and her hard work and perseverance. She is going back for more by making plans for graduate school next!
Right after graduation.
The next picture was taken that evening at her graduation party.
 It was a special day to be included in the celebration of a milestone in the life of M!

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