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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Things I want to remember

- Pax read his first chapter book before we went on vacation. It was the first of the Cul-de-sac Kids. And within the next month he had read 11 more. He is now asking for the next box set(#13-18). His reading hobby is getting expensive. I told him he may just have to wait until his birthday.

- Holden is still in love with monster trucks. He watches YouTube video clips from monster truck shows and says things like "I'm El Toro". I love to see his fascination and passion in different boy things.

- Abe might be the bravest boy in our bunch. He thinks he can do whatever he sees his 7 year old brother doing. Climbing up on ledges to jump into a swimming pool. Driving a go-cart...he thought he needed a turn. And he started jumping on a trampoline earlier than I ever anticipated.

- Last night I watched all 4 of my boys have a wrestling match on the bottom bunk where Pax sleeps. There was alot of laughing and screaming. I quietly said out loud as I watched the chaos, "I love having boys". And you know, I really really do. I LOVE my boys.

- Abe loves spicy foods. At Mexican restaurants we just give him his own salsa bowl with his chips since he is two and doesn't get the double dipping rule. He drinks down his water so I know he notices the spiciness factor but it doesn't bother him and he keeps going back for more.

- I love Pax's voice and the way he speaks when he tells stories. That is a sound I want to have recorded so I can listen to that sweet voice even after he grows up and it has matured.

- We've had the trampoline for over a year now. Holden still jumps and plays on it nearly every single day. It's one of his things. I'm so glad it has become the most used "toy" at our house. It was definitely worth the cost.

- I walked in the front door from a long run early last Sunday morning. I was very sweaty. The boys were just waking up and Abe said "Mommy exercising?" I was in shock he was putting that together.

- Pax has become a sweet little caretaker of Abe. At a recent Sea World visit, or at parks and spray grounds he takes Abe under his wing. They stick together. It makes me so happy.

- Just this week Holden processed a little more of his adoption story. Typically that boy only thinks about the here and now. But for a brief moment he was putting some pieces together and I cried happy tears for him to see the joy in his eyes. I know it may not always be joyful to know and remember his story, but last week it was exciting. And my heart felt so full for him.
Mother's Day 2015

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