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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June re-cap.

So much for staying up on this blog in the summer when I have more free time. I have definitely had more free time and I have loved pretty much every selfish moment of it. But I have just been spending that time in different ways. Mainly by plowing through a bunch of books. The boys have a rest time on most afternoons (like right now as I type this) and some times I sit and read a book for my own personal enjoyment. Hopefully soon, I will post the books I've read since early May when we left on vacation. Other times I've been planning for our next school year that is about 6 weeks away! Other times I'm staying on top of my other duties around the house. But unfortunately, sitting to blog our recent happenings haven't been a top priority for me lately. So here is a re-cap of June even though we are now over halfway through July!
 Picnics under the trampoline. Which is just about the only shade in our backyard.
 Lazy morning breakfasts with coffee filter hats, which we started when the bigs were tiny littles.
 A special visit from a very sweet boy that Holden really admires.
 Playdates with new neighbor friends!
 Slip and slide fun for my two water boys.
 Waterpark days at least twice a week.
 And sometimes we run into the Rich and Famous at our little waterpark.
 Stumbled upon this boy reading books on the floor of my closet. Weird spot to relax but I don't care.
 Celebrating the daddy on Father's Day!
 Cuddled up for a movie.
 Books books and more books!
And this little guy trying to do everything he sees his brothers doing. He's getting so so big!
We had one little venture away from home last month and I hope to get that posted soon!

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