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Friday, May 22, 2015

Beach Vacation 2015 (Part 2)

More vacation pictures. We took alot...with our phones only.
Holden's happy place
Abe loved the sand
Pax would have stayed in the sand all day and completely skipped the water.
Pax dug himself a hole.
Last year, every night of vacation Jeremy and I sat peacefully on our oceanview balcony sipping wine and watching everyone go crab hunting in the dark with their flashlights. All the while our boys were crashed out from pure exhaustion of their day in the sun. We kept saying, "one day when we come back here, we'll need to do this with our boys." Well, this year we did it. They could have easily crashed at 7:30pm. But two different nights they went crab hunting. The first time it was just Jeremy and the big boys. I stayed back with Abe.
And the very last night of our stay, we all 5 went. And Abe LOVED it!
Some other people stopped to show the boys the big crab they had caught. We didn't catch any this size. We just snagged the little one. And by "we", I mean the boys. I watched. :)
One last dinner out on our last night in Orange Beach. The boys each got an alligator on their plate and thought it was the coolest thing. It's the little things sometimes.
The next morning we loaded up on sugar before hitting the road for home. We made one last stop in Alabama, which I'll post on it's own. Again, way too many pictures.
It was such a fun week. I wasn't really ready for it to end. I'm never ready for vacations like these to end. I was ready to NOT be walking on tile with gritty sand under my feet (despite my daily sweeping!). But I still wasn't ready to end the whole trip and get back into our normal routine. Vacation is SO much more fun than normal routine!

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everyday graces said...

Where did you all eat that you got the little aligators? also where are those donuts from?