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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pax's surgery

My sweet boy has an outpatient surgery tomorrow. He has had a umbilical hernia since birth. Holden had one also, but it naturally repaired itself as he grew. I believe it was gone by his first birthday. Pax's has remained. It looks minor. It just looks like an "out-ie" belly button to me. But he will need surgery for his long term health and safety. They give these things 5 years to go away on their own. So we were told this fall we would need to move forward with this. So here we are. I'm not looking forward to it. It's not our first go around with having to put a child under for surgery. As first time parents we were nearly traumatized only a month into life with Holden. If anyone remembers this. Traumatic. But we didn't have time to plan and prepare for that one. He needed it and was scheduled for surgery pretty immediately once they detected the issue. We didn't have much time to think about it. He needed the surgery to live and eat and thrive. This one I've been dreading. I know people do it all the time. I'm just not looking forward to it. So I would covet all prayers for Pax. Surgery is at 1. It will take about 1 hour. Recovery is 1-2 hours. In about 30 hours, we'll have it behind us. We will hopefully be headed home with our healthy boy. I'm just ready to have it behind us.


Daysha said...

We love you Pax buddy.

will + adri said...

Hope everything went well! We know how scary any surgical procedure can be! Prayers for healing!