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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Traditions

We have several Christmas traditions that our family loves. Here are a few that I captured on film this past holiday season.

Each boy picked out a new Christmas ornament to represent this past year for them. A puppy for Abe...because of his deep love for puppies.
Pax got a "New Reader" ornament since he learned to read this past year. And he is an incredible reader. It's insane. His first choice was a lego ornament because legos are a big favorite with Pax. But we couldn't find one, so we went with our 2nd best option.
 Holden chose a Ninja Turtle ornament. It has been a huge obsession for the past couple of years.
I can't call this one a tradition yet, but I'd love for it to be a new one. Our church had a little hayride to go on that would display Jesus at his different stages in his life. It was a lot to take in for my big 6 year old. We were happy to do this activity with some friends. 
I hosted 3 extra brothers at my house for a little Christmas party one morning. Six boys. Ages 8, 6, 6, 5, 4 and 2. It was loud. And it was fun. They jumped on the trampoline, made a Christmas ornament, read some Christmas books and shared lunch together. Here is the crazy crew showing off their snowmen ornaments.
We spent a morning at Outdoor World to get our free picture with Santa and have some playtime with all the cool toys.
The boys put on their Christmas jammies and we loaded into the car with snacks one night to go Christmas light looking. Such a fun tradition!
There were other memorable ones that I didn't get on camera. I think that I will have etched into my memory forever the night the 5 of us sat around singing Christmas carols by candlelight. Or the pride Pax had delivering Christmas goodies to our trash truck and recycle truck drivers. And one of my absolute favorites this year was Christmas caroling at a local nursing home with some others from our church. Those dear people just loved seeing children! It was definitely another season full of memories and celebrating the One that came for each of us. 

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