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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trying new things.

So far, 2015 has been a brought a little adventure for our family. January has now come and gone. But we all started this year with trying new things!

Jeremy - began a new job this month. Same company, but new manager, new team, new project, new building, new job. So far, so good. Not a work related picture, but I thought it was too funny not to share.
Me - a friend offered me an opportunity to do an EARLY morning outdoor exercise class for free. I'm never one to turn down free/cheap exercise programs so I jumped on it and signed up. Friday was supposed to be my last class with Camp Gladiator. When I began staying home and raising our kids we gave up our gym memberships. And mostly, I've been dedicated to working out on my own over the last 6+ years. But that was an easy expense to sacrifice when we gave up my extra income. But on my drive to my last class yesterday at 4:55am, Jeremy (who I thought was still asleep) texted me and told me to sign up for a year. My heart nearly melted. Seriously. I was in shock he was giving me the go ahead on this. I was smiling through my warm up burpees at the thought that I was going to get to do this on a regular basis. Camp Gladiator is incredible. You should check it out. There are 550 camps in the nation...or something like that. So surely there is one near you. Tell them I sent you! I'll get a friend credit, which adds $$ in my account towards camps. :) Just a little something from my FitBit after one of the workouts. I'm a little bit in love with my new gadget!
Holden - My biggest boy began a new little class outside our home this month. Two mornings a week he goes to a homeschooling school...for lack of a better word. Haha. It's not a homeschool co-op. It's not a part time private school/homeschool program. So I'm not sure exactly what to call it. But it's been a good thing for us. He enjoys it and it's challenging him a lot...which he may not enjoy the challenging part. But it's good for him. After an evaluation they put my little 6 year old in 2nd grade level reading/writing/spelling and 1st grade level math. And it has kept him plenty busy! And me, it keeps me busy as well! :)
Pax - our game boy. This boy has now added Skip-bo and Uno to his list of favorite games. The cards said for ages 7 and up so I questioned if he would be ready for them. But he is. And he loves to play these two new games!
Abe - this crazy kid that doesn't really like sweets and breads had his first donut hole this month! And he really seemed to enjoy it! Then I offered him a second one and he told me no. He just happily went back to his oatmeal and fruit. I've never met a person that can only eat 1 donut hole. But good for him.
I guess that wraps up our adventure of the past month. We shall see what new experiences February will bring us!

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