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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

We had an extra special New Years Eve celebration. The Myers came and stayed the night so we could ring the new year in together. My big boys love to play with Camryn. She shares her princess dresses with Holden. Why does Holden love to dress up like a princess? I have no idea, but he does. :) And she has lots of dresses to choose from. And at this visit we even noticed a special friendship blossoming between the little brothers, Reid and Abe. Abe went to bed before the real fun began. We did a countdown at 8pm for these party animals. And then they all went to bed.
 Amanda was kind enough to pick up these obnoxious horns and then leave them at our house when they left. ;)
We taught them how to cheers.
 The sparkling apple cider was "spicy" to Reid.
A little game before bed.
 2014 had some great moments. Some really sweet, fun and memorable moments in our family. But the last half of the year has included plenty of struggles and discomfort. Things that I've pleaded with God to take away, to heal, to walk us through safely to the other side. And for whatever reason, He keeps us here. Sometimes just treading water. And sometimes peacefully making it through one day at a time. But I know He is present with us, each and every day. That is enough. He is enough. I pray that I can know and remember the depth of that truth as I head into 2015, unsure of what exactly this year holds for us. I'm also thankful to have this guy by my side through it all.
Happy 2015!

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