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Saturday, January 31, 2015

20 to 35

Yesterday we celebrated Jeremy's 35th birthday. Old man! ;) Fortunately it was his Friday off so that was an extra birthday bonus. On our way to the bowling alley I was counting up his birthdays that we have celebrated together. Our 20th birthdays were our first to celebrate together. So this year marks 15 birthdays! This was the fun lovin' guy I fell in love with. Affectionately named "King of the Electric Slide" by one of my college roommates. Which I'm sure is what he is doing in the picture below.
We've both changed so much over the years. But it's funny to me that we both didn't really shy away from the attention for a good chunk of our lives. But center of attention is definitely not the place we like to be now. We can be very similar personalities. We definitely have our differences. But I've always described us as like-minded. I'm thankful for this guy. I really am.

We celebrated with Friday morning bowling and dinner out that evening.
Goodness, Abe was all over this bowling alley. He is 2 years old in all ways you can imagine. It's exhausting being the mommy of a 2 year old!
I'm not going to lie, growing old does not sound fun to me. I'm definitely starting to see in the mirror that my face is beginning to show the years. And I don't enjoy those changes AT ALL! But I'm thankful to be growing old with Jeremy. And it helps that he's 2 months older. ;)

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The Skains Family said...

Happy birthday Jeremy aka "king of the electric slide"! Ha ha!!