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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Anniversary Weekend!

Last month Jeremy and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. 12 years! It feels like it has just completely flown by. Two weeks after our anniversary we were able to spend a weekend in San Antonio by ourselves. It had been two years since we had an overnight date. Normally we have at least a weekend each year, but last year it didn't happen. So it felt like we were long overdue. Originally we planned San Antonio and this particular weekend so we could run the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon together. And ugh. I'll insert my sob story here. I have consistently been running since January. I was really ready for a half in April. But at the time, the boys were doing Saturday morning sports and it was too much trouble trying to fit in a race day. So Jeremy and I made a goal to do this race around our anniversary so we could just make a fun trip out of it. So I decreased my mileage through the summer and then started increasing again around September. I lost my normal weekday running partner once school started back up so I was not as dedicated as I should have been. But I was getting enough running in to increase my mileage each weekend. And overall I felt fine. I felt amazing back in the spring. I was running more at the time. This time I just felt fine. Then the weekend after Thanksgiving, 1 week before the half, I had a problem. I ran 9 miles on Saturday morning, I was on my feet the rest of that day and then again on Sunday...that was Abe's birthday party weekend and there was lots keeping me busy. By Sunday afternoon my foot was hurting badly along the outside. That had happened once before and it was gone within 4 days, so I thought I would be fine in a few days with some rest. Now, three weeks later, I'm no longer limping and it is finally feeling better. It's still not completely normal, but I believe it's healing. I'm thinking it was/is a stress fracture. But I'm really not sure and probably won't delve into it if it's not necessary. So we didn't do the half. I couldn't even walk normal, much less run 13 miles. Jeremy hadn't really trained much so he was probably relieved that he was off the hook. We took all of our running gear that weekend in case a miracle happened and I finally felt ok to run on it. But the logical side of me decided I wouldn't further injure my body for a half marathon that I could do at a later date when I was 100%. But I was pretty bummed. A half was one of my 2014 resolutions! (Yes, I make those!). I'm pretty sure I never posted it because I don't know how much I believed I could ever do it. And then this happened. Boo. But I hope to do one in the future....
So back to our weekend. It was wonderful. We made the very best of our weekend alone. We stayed right on the Riverwalk. We ate lots of Tex-Mex and had delicious margaritas. We rode the water taxis around the area, mainly because of my foot. The weather was incredible. We did some shopping. We watched a movie in our hotel room. We slept a glorious number of hours each night. And we just had a great time being responsible for no one other than ourselves. It was a much needed weekend in a city that we love to visit. We did miss the race that I had been anticipating for many months. But I have no complaints about our trip. It was just what we needed.
 dinner outside, right on the river
 it is so beautiful all lit up at night!
 Holden is obsessed with Nutcrackers, so I had to snap this picture for him. It was right outside our hotel.
 More time on the Riverwalk. In the picture above you can barely see a guy vomiting in the river. (Not that any of you really wanted me to bring that to your attention.) Oh young boys....having too much fun.
 15 years later, I still have a crush on this guy.
 Mi Tierra is known for it's massive baked goods to choose from. But I think it is the largest restaurant I have ever been in. It is massive. And they never close. Not ever. Not at night. Not on Christmas Day. Never. And the decor in the picture above is not specifically for Christmas. It is like this all year long! It's loud. And I'm not talking about the noise level...just look at it. Loud!
This was the best picture I could get of the baked goods. And that was only about 1/3 of it.
Key lime pie to go please. This creepy picture was taken for my friend that shares my love for all things key lime.
Like I said, it was a great great weekend with my guy. Just a few days to rest and recharge. Now I want to go back. :)


Misty said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I love that you still have a crush on your hubby after 12 years of marriage.

I must admit...I too am smitten with mine after 15 years.

everyday graces said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy birthday to Abe! I've been catching up with your blog this morning! I got your Christmas card and the picture of your family is lovely. Also I can relate to your post about first born expectations. I know I have that same issue with C but then he calls me mommio (something he did between the age of 2-3) and my heart melts. They grow up so fast so I hold tight to the childlike moments especially since he's going to be hitting double digits next month. Just know that Abe is going to grow up even faster bc he has two older brothers. I'm seeing it with S.