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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day Snapshots

We didn't take many pictures of our Christmas festivities. And it was pretty low key. Christmas Eve, we spent most of the day with some of Jeremy's family. Then on Christmas Day, we ended up being at home alone. Just the five of us. It was a relaxing day. We began with the Christmas story and the boys exchanged gifts from one another and checked out their stockings from Jeremy and I. We had a later breakfast. The boys played with some new games that they had received from Granny. They did puzzles. They watched a movie. And we even went for a walk while the big boys rode their bikes. Jeremy and I have had this grand plan (for over a year now!) to not do gifts for the boys this year, but instead to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days over Jeremy's break from work. It just made sense to us. They are overloaded with gifts from every one each year. So we thought the fun family time would be extra special for us, rather than more toys. But then a little late in the game, we started looking at rates and they were through the roof during this time. The boys still don't know about these plans. But we plan to take them later in the month, once prices have settled. You know, they didn't even notice that we didn't get them gifts. They opened a gift from one another and they were more than satisfied. I had to remind them that we had filled their stockings. And they were so excited about their little books, $5 DVD, and Ninja Turtle undies that we had stuffed inside. I loved it. I love that right now, they are not equating Christmas to gifts. That has been a huge thing for us. I don't know that they'll always have this mindset, but I love that so far that is the way it is for us. Here are a few pictures from our Christmas morning.
We still have a family dinner with some of my family tomorrow. And a visit with some of Pax's birth family on Saturday. And we have 6 more days to enjoy Jeremy at home with us. That has been a major highlight for our family...having him all to ourselves. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family!

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The Skains Family said...

So cute. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas this year!