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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Fesitivities

We had a short trip to East Texas to spend with my family. It was a little short because their just isn't room for all of our growing families. But in our almost 2 full days, we had some good family time. And even had a little Christmas gift exchange since we won't see my sister and her family again at Christmas. A few pictures from Thanksgiving.
Abe napping after his first Thanksgiving feast. Papa J was the champion that was finally able to rock this baby boy to sleep.
 My sister and I did our own little late night turkey trot on Thanksgiving night. We ran a 5k! Amanda mapped it out and i just turned when she said to turn. We have always wanted to do this and start a family tradition of it. But there are always conflicts. We are typically all staying at different houses and there are always excuses with the logistics or kids or a number of reasons. It's never been easy to work out so we've always folded and not done it. But she didn't allow for any excuses this year and she pushed me a little. I'm so glad she did. I was shocked when I ended up running the entire thing, because I've been running little to none. But we chatted endlessly as we ran, so that was a good distraction. I have to admit that it was freakin' cold. She even gave me her ear covering 1 mile in. She's nice to her little sister.

On Friday we had some more family times at my meme's. My dad took a slew (a slew=88) of family pictures.
 Papa J and Nana with their eight grands.
Just the cousins.
 Daniel, Amy, Carson and Cameron
 Loren, Amanda, Hope, Bella and Ava
My little family.
 My first family.
 And then meme with all her great grandchildren. It was definitely picture overload for all of us. :)

Later on Friday we had a little family birthday celebration for Abe. He turns 1 tomorrow and my heart can hardly even fathom that!! More birthday posts coming soon.

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