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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Firsts for us with our 3rd

Having a 3rd little boy means nothing is a surprise, right? We already had two very different little boys, so the third wouldn't surprise us. Or would he...We've had some moments, where I've said "Hmmmm....Holden and Pax never did this." And I'm sure Abe was cracking up on the inside every time those words rolled off my tongue.
Abe is our first little guy that takes food out of his mouth when he doesn't like it. The other two might have made an awful face and refused another bite, but if Abe doesn't like it, he just removes it from his mouth and places it back on his tray. Little stinker.
Abe is the first to absolutely detest a diaper change. He has to be completely distracted during his diaper changes or he screams and cries like it's the most terrible experience in the world.
Abe is the first to whack us in the face. Yep, he has hit us. The other two have yet to ever hit us. This probably started around 10 months and fortunately, right now I can say he hasn't done it for several weeks. But it has been a somewhat common way for him to express his frustration when Jeremy or I were doing something terrible to him...such as the aforementioned diaper changes.
Abe is the first to get a bottle after his first birthday. That may be in part because we've relaxed more with the 3rd. But he still gets a bottle of milk each night before bed.
Abe is the first to chew on the crib. What in the world?! Our little baby bed had somehow remained in immaculate condition through 2 baby boys. And now the 3rd is teething on it at times. Grrrr.
Abe is the first that does not love being read to. I'm hoping this changes with time. The boy loves to be held, cuddled and carried around. But sit him in your lap with a book and he has no interest.
Abe is the first to be rocked and sung to on a regular basis...still at 13 months. Jeremy probably spends more time doing this than me. But we just rarely did this with the other boys.
But even with the third, I still get swept away by his giggle and lost in his sweet smile. I'm full of mommy-pride to show off this beautiful boy to any adoring eyes. He captures our hearts every single day, just as his older brothers do. And each of those feelings are very familiar.

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