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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Abe's one year stats

I have to do this for my own memory. This baby boy doesn't even have a memory book started, so this blog documentation is very important to me right now. Today I took Abe in to see Dr D for his one year check-up. He's a healthy boy and hasn't yet been to the doctor for any sickness. Thank goodness! I realize that it's pretty brave of me to say this as we head into winter. Today Abe weighed 24lbs 4oz (87%). His height was 31 inches (86%). And his head circumference was 45.5cm (31%). I find it crazy that all three of my boys were 31 inches long at their one year appointments. And they all weighed within 1lb of one another. Obviously Holden and Pax are completely different shapes and sizes, so these little details don't mean a whole lot. I just found it interesting how the three are pretty much identical in size at the one year mark!
The little dude can't seem to keep his hands out of the Christmas tree these days. :)

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