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Monday, December 23, 2013

Another season full of memories (and pictures)

Preparing for Christmas has been weeks of fun for our family. I'm not going to say that we kept up with our advent calendar. And I'm not going to claim that we even ended up doing the Jesse Tree at all. We didn't this year. But we did several fun and special things that will forever be burned into my memory. A big one was just this morning. Pax full on sprinted out of the house (still dressed in his one piece spider man jammies - web included - just so you have that adorable image in your minds) to deliver some homemade candy to our trash truck driver. Dude gets out of the truck, thrilled to see my little guy, squats down eye to eye as they have a short conversation and wish one another a Merry Christmas before he takes his little gift and moves along to the next house. I stood on the porch, almost weepy, at the joy this man showed in chatting with Pax. And Pax came sprinting back to me on the porch with the biggest grin you could ever imagine. The boys are obsessed with watching the trash truck do its thing every Monday. And this fall, they thought it was AWESOME when the poor driver had to jump in the back of the truck where all the nasty trash sits, to retrieve our can that the mechanical arms had dropped during a light rain. I saw the look of disgust on his face when he realized what had happened and that he was going to have to go into the trash heap. At that moment, the boys thought that he had the coolest job ever. But I know better, and so it was then that i knew the trash/recycle guys do us a huge favor - hauling off our trash each week. And we were going to thank them this year. Today we did that. It wasn't much AT ALL. But I sure hope they felt loved. I felt loved in just watching the exchange. So here are just a few moments of our fun from the past month.
The candy (in process) that we made for neighbors, trash/recycle drivers and mailman Mike. "Christmas Crack" is out of this world. Go and make you some.
We couldn't make the real deal Christmas cookies this year. So we completely pretended today with play dough and real sprinkles. The boys loved the playtime and could care less about the absence of Christmas cookies this year. Kids don't always care about what we think they will care about it. And what a blessing for me that this was enough for them. Two hours later I was sweeping up gobs of rolly polly sprinkles all over my kitchen.
And this little guy got to get his hands in play dough (technically moon dough) for the very first time.
We hosted a playdate with some friends and made Christmas ornaments from popsicle sticks. Pax made the Rudolph and Holden made a snowflake.
Christmas light looking in our Christmas jammmies.
A day with the Myers that ended with a very frigid night at the Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas. It was beautiful and interesting. It was a fun local event that I'm glad we were able to see and explore.
 Bundled Abe. Poor fella eventually became miserable from the cold.
Pax in a dinosaur egg. :)
Reindeer pancake dinner.
 And our yearly tradition of our picture with Santa. Notice only one smiling boy for the professional picture. But then look what Pax did when they let me snap a picture with my phone. Too bad it's a bit of a blur. :( He will rarely give us genuine smiles for a camera, so this picture is a treat, despite the looks on the faces of the other two boys. :)
It's been a season of fun and full of memories for me. I can only hope that special memories are being made for these little boys. I sure love them. And they give my life more purpose than I ever knew was possible.

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