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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Abe's Crib.

We have finally put together a new little space just for Abe. Originally we had planned to keep the nursery the same if we had a 3rd boy. But the longer I stayed in Oklahoma, the more I needed a shopping on Etsy. ;) It all began with a harmless Etsy giftcard that my sister had given me for my birthday. What a great birthday gift idea, huh? So Jeremy was sweet and let me fix up a brand new nursery for our newest baby boy. Here are some pictures of his sweet, little room. It was a fun project. One that I'm glad is completed. I would like to suggest preparing the nursery BEFORE the baby arrives. Just my two cents. :) But now I love the finished space and I'm glad we went ahead and changed it up this time.
my little DIY button elephant. I stole the idea from my sister.


The Skains Family said...

So sweet! It turned out just adorable. You are so creative!

Daysha said...

Oh it's great!! My favorite part is the wall with the big A. It all turned out great!!!

Alisa N. said...

Very cute! Loved your beautiful baby announcement too!

The Everharts said...

Very cute! Love the button elephant!