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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with Friends!

We had some friends over last night for dinner and to make the block with us for Halloween. The boys collected way too much candy and we've decided to send about 80% to Jeremy's work. We do better without the candy around here.  The boys loved everything about Halloween this year. They loved dressing up in costume.  They loved running from house to house and searching for those with their porch lights on. They loved saying "trick or treat" and getting their goods. They loved spending their evening with friends. We had 6 little boys at our house last night, ages {almost}5 months to 7 years. I'm thankful the boys were able to have this fun little time with other energetic boys.  Here are a few pictures from our day and evening.
A dinosaur and his daddy.
Me and my sweet Spider Man.
our lively crew of boys!
My family. Not our best picture or best moment. It was a little bit of a tense moment. The boys were ready to run and I was adamant about getting a picture of the 4 of us first! So it was one of those "smile and pretend you love each other moments". We got the smiles down ~ which is a miracle in and of iteself that we are all smiling. But I don't think we're convincing anyone of the love in this picture. Just being honest with you, folks. Please tell me you have these moments too. ;)
Pax LOVES babies. Especially little baby Cruz.
A cute little tiger with my boys.
And just because I can appreciate Jeremy's sense of humor and you should too...he taped this to our front door so we could all go trick or treating together. But we still wanted to share our candy with the neighbors. And amazingly enough, we still have a ton of candy left. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween filled with candy and fun!

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everyday graces said...

i left a note too but all our candy was gone. just hope some scallywag didn't dump the whole thing in their bucket!