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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend pictures

We had a very full and fun weekend. And here are some pictures from our phones that we snapped throughout our family time.
A very chilly Friday morning bike ride. We love Jeremy's every other Friday off schedule. The only thing that could be better, would be every single Friday!
Friday morning, one of Holden's first comments to Jeremy was that he wanted to play soccer that morning. This was great for us to hear! We think he's finally starting to enjoy playing. Saturday morning, he had a pretty chilly game. But he scored 2 of 3 goals for his team! He also won the medal for teamwork. One of his teammates fell on his chest during practice and Holden helped him up. The other coach (not Jeremy) chose Holden to receive the medal this week.
Saturday afternoon we attended a birthday party for one of Holden's little friends from church. It was a costume party and it was so much fun for the boys. There was pumpkin bowling, tug of war, face painting, candy apples and so much more.  The boys had to skip naps to attend the party. This is something that rarely happens. We just typically plan to be home in the afternoon for naps. It works best for us. And Saturday was a good reminder of why we do that. Naps are still very much a necessity at our house. They actually did good until about 6pm. Then their responses to everything became very unpredictable. More unpredictable than normal for 3 and 4 year old boys. What can I say! My boys need their sleep! And I'm sure not going to deny them of that.
So I'm sort of giving away the Halloween costumes with these party pictures, but oh well.  This was their first time to have their faces painted.
Just a little moment I caught of the boys this morning before we took Pax to his class at church.  Sometimes they really are the best of friends. And many times they are quite the opposite. :)
A chopstick style lunch at Pei Wei. They thought those were coolest utensils ever. So I'm honestly wondering if Holden's veggie consumption might increase if I had chopsticks for him at every meal.
Then this evening after the boys naps, we went to a favorite spot for them to ride bikes. Jeremy stayed with the boys as they pedaled along. While I went for a run by myself, lapping them a few times. ;) It was a great way to end our weekend. 

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kh123 said...

The last picture is the park chad and I walked all the time when we lived up there. It was a block from our house. It's also where I ran my first mile without stopping!