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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted!

Which is a sort of a big deal. As of last night, Jeremy and I had a small political talk. We both left the conversation with the same feeling we've had for months. Yep, not very compelled to vote this time. In years past I've felt somewhat passionate about elections and government. 4 years ago I wrote lengthy political post on my blog that received lots of agreeing comments. Over a year ago, I went into my blog and deleted it because I was embarrassed about my own one-sidedness and some of my own views at the time.  So in the past 2 years or so, my interest has dwindled further and further. We hadn't planned on voting today. It had nothing to do with the candidates. Just more to do with the realization that not much seems to change when a new guy enters office. Even a particular moral issues that really stir up my heart... well, almost 40 years later it's still legal. So who cares if a candidate is against it, if it's never going to change in the courts. Why is it even discussed anymore as if it's an option? Yes, that's a question mark. Feel free to answer me if you really know. And sure there are always economic highs and lows. And depending on which side you are on, you blame it on the present or the past person that was in office. And who knows the real reason for it. I think that people just need someone to blame. So now, I just don't like politics anymore. Jeremy had the Presidential debates on over the past few weeks. I nearly left the room several times. It sort of drove me crazy! Eventually we had to turn them off. The pointing fingers, talking over one was almost like an episode of Parenthood (which I love, but also tends to drive me batty when they are all talking at once!)
So today I voted. Completely unplanned. I went to pick up our co-op produce in our neighborhood. I drove slowly past the school where I saw the voting signs. And on my way back home, I pulled into the parking lot. Then I changed my mind and pulled back out. My plan was to drop off the produce and then take the boys for their dental cleaning right around the corner. I drove to the house and dropped off the fruits and veggies. I drove back to the school and got the boys out of the car. I only had 10 minutes to spare, so I was just going to check out the line. Guess what? No line at all. So I voted!
For the past week, I kept trying to get friends to compell me to get out and vote, but no one had a good enough argument for me. What it boiled down to for me? 1) Sadly it had alot to do with convenience. My polling place was in my neighborhood. It was at the middle school right down the street from my house. I could have walked there. Had there been a long line, I wouldn't have had time before our appointments and I wouldn't have cared enough to try and squeeze it into my day.  Afternoon naps (for the boys) are sacred over here! 2) I kept thinking of people in other countries that don't have this freedom. The people that would LOVE to have some kind of say in their government. Those that would proudly cast a ballot, even if they knew their candidate didn't stand a chance. And I didn't really want to take the freedom for granted. I felt very un-American at the thought of not voting in this election.
So I'm not very opinionated this year. I have friends on both sides of the card. And I feel like I even understand both sides so much better than in years past. I'm even calling myself an Independent for now, even though I will admit that I voted a straight party ballot today. I hadn't followed the smaller races to even know where to begin, past the Presidential candidates. And I had 2 little boys in tow that tend to believe that gymnasiums are for running! :) So there it is. Probably a little gutsy since I don't claim to know much about politics. No hate mail, please. :) Enjoy your freedom!


everyday graces said...

i kinda feel the same way you do. i voted straight party as well. bleh. so glad its over.

The Everharts said...

ditto to your whole post. So glad it's all least for another four years.