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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recent highlights

So blogging takes a little more work these days. Jeremy just showed me my new process, in order to keep our little family blog free. I'm sure I'll catch on quickly but I'm a little behind in posting because I just haven't wanted to take the time to learn the new process. So here is a little of what has been going on recently.
In August I started BSF for the first time ever. It was just what I needed and I've loved it thus far. I've been learning so much and have really enjoyed the study on Genesis...which honestly, I was a little disappointed when I learned we'd be starting with Genesis. A little bonus is that my little boys get to attend a class just for them and are learning the exact same material on their own level. They are also learning some hymns. Two weeks ago, all the children filed in and led us in worship with the hymns they had been learning. Honestly, I wasn't sure how it would go with one particular boy, but he surprised me. He made me really proud.
I did take a picture of Pax, but he was a bit of a blurr. The very next day the boys had a cute little Thanksgiving parade at their school. All the parents showed up about 30 minutes early that afternoon to watch them march around the parking lot. It was cute.
My little Indian made his Indian call most of the time he was parading around.
And my big brown turkey. He really is a big dude and one of the youngest in his class.
Turkey turned Pilgrim.
We normally go to the public library weekly. We check out 10-12 books. Read them. Again and again and again. They memorize them. I get sick of them and then we do it all over again. They love books so so much and they just love to be read to. I'm so thankful for this and I hope it sticks.
With the inconsistent cooler weather, the boys had their very first taste of hot coco. They were big fans!
Holden finished off his soccer season with a bang. By the third game he loved playing and scored 1-2 points for his team at every game since that time.  He did occassionally help the other team out by scoring for them as well. ;) It was a short and fun season, but I'm glad to return to our lazy Saturday mornings at home.
Holden getting his trophy.

Holden and his buddy, Luke.
More updates are coming...

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The Everharts said...

That's so great you are doing too! I love hearing when someone else who I know that doesn't live near me is going through the same study at the same time!