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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Families Like Us

We are part of a wonderful group of adoptive families in our community called Families Like Us. I've mentioned it before on the blog. In fact right about this time last year we went to our first event and began meeting these beautiful families. Several months ago, we committed to help assist with leadership to this group.  I am passionate about the need for this group so quickly yelled "YES!" when I was asked if we wanted to help out. But leadership, organizing and details are not exactly my forte.  At one time in my life it was, not so much anymore. Either way, I'm so blessed to have found this group and to be given a part of the responsibility to help keep it alive and growing. Something I've realized is how quickly I can connect with these people. The conversation never runs dry. We have a common bond. It's unique and special. And I'm thankful for this community that we are able to be part of.
Last night we headed to Rocky Top Ranch for our fall hayride and cookout. The boys had so much fun at this place. It's too bad they only get to go to Rocky Top once a year. It really is a cool place for kids. There are animals to see and ride, dirt to play in, a really cool playground, a fire pit and tons of space to run and play. Here are a few pictures from our fun filled evening.
A little boy's heaven, huh?
The coolest playground. Even the bigger kids loved it!
This little girl stole my heart! And Pax loved making her laugh. They were bouncing and she would fall down and start laughing. He would bend down to see her face while she was laughing at their game. It was really sweet and pretty darn cute.
the hayride!
Roasting marshmallows around the firepit.
And the aftermath of a yummy smore!
It was a great night and a fall tradition that we will look forward to each year!

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