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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankfuls and other stuff

I found this little diddy on Pinterest and I loved it.
And I specifically remembered it last week when my kitchen counters were covered in leaf projects and I smelt like dirt since we were leaf gathering on a very windy day.
We are fully enjoying this season with fun projects and counting our many blessings with our first ever Thankful Tree. I know it looks a little sad. We are no artists over here. But the boys have loved it. And I really enjoy what the boys consider the blessings in their little lives. It's been an opportunity to stretch them in their thinking as we think about what is really important in this life.
Holden's little turkey only has 1 eye on purpose. He tells me it is a pirate turkey. :) He likes to make everything pirate-style these days. I love it!
I'm in a little pickle with good ole blogger. Apparently I've just about maxed out my photo storage through Google.  Any suggestions from anyone that's run into this problem?  I'm not really wanting to pay for a "real" webpage. And I'm not even sure how transferring 5 years of blogs would even work! But I'm open to suggestions and ideas, so please share!

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Alisa N. said...

Love the turkeys :) Google just told me the same thing - that I've used up my free space & need to spend $2.95 (or something like that) / month to get more space. I can't decide what to do either. I don't really want to spend the money, even though it's only $3, it's still the whole principle that blogs are supposed to be free!! But I also don't really want to start over or risk moving my blog. Andy suggested I delete the first year (because I printed it) but I can't bring myself to do that :)