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Monday, November 7, 2011

Families Like Us

After moving back to Texas two years ago, I began searching for transracial adoption groups. I knew that our adoption playgroup in OKC was something I was really going to miss. And I felt it was something worth looking into for my boys. I've actually found many different possibilities in the greater metro area. We attended one other event this past summer that I never mentioned on the blog. But finally we were able to attend another event this past Saturday night with a group that is very local to our specific area of the metro. (Meaning one family even lives in our neighborhood!) So Saturday evening we spent some time cooking out and playing at Rocky Top Ranch (which you may have heard of if you've read Same Kind of Different as Me). It was a great experience to meet more families in our area that our passionate about adoption. And as always, some pictures of our fun . . . The boys got to go on their very first hayride. The trailor was being pulled by a woman driving a tractor and she wasn't playin' around. She was making it fun for the big kids and the tiny ones weren't so sure about the bumpy ride. Luckily my boys really loved it. And of course, Holden didn't want to get off once it was over.
(That's a terrible picture of me and I almost didn't include it. I look like a tired girl with a bad hair day. But it's the only picture of Holden and Pax on the hayride. So there it is.)We're grateful to have made some more connections that will be an asset to our family as the boys continue to grow older.

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