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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

movie night.

Lately, I've been pretty passionate about our family time on the weekends. Jeremy just ended a busy little season. And we have been thrilled to have him back on a more normal schedule. So we've been putting a little more thought into our weekends and time with the boys. Since Holden and Pax are older (really is 2 and 3 older? I don't know.), there is alot more options of things we can do with them now. Remember we went bowling. And then we had a much needed weekend away. Then most recently, we had our first family game night on Friday. Then late afternoon on Saturday, we all went to see a movie together. It was Jeremy's idea after he watched the movie trailer for The Lorax. It was a beautifully colorful, really cute movie. One that we may need to add to our stash at home. And it was perfect for the boys. They still shy away from any kind of "bad guy" (or bad/mean creature) in a movie. But this one was just a happy happy movie. I loved watching my boys soak it all in. We had promised them movie theatre popcorn and then I cheated and brought along lots of snacks in my purse. Pax and Jeremy sat next to one another and shared the popcorn. Holden was more interested in the movie than eating. But Pax was like a movie theatre pro. He completely vegged out. I kept looking down and watching his little hand shove popcorn in his mouth as his eyes were glazed over at the big screen. It was pretty cute. I snapped a few pictures during the previews (which were a little scary and Holden told me he wanted to go home). After I snapped the 2nd one, Jeremy loudly whispered "Are you done?!" So I guess I was. I just wanted to document our little family movie night! Can't blame a mommy for that!
Holden was a little timid during the scary previews. And he did wear his hoodie throughout the entire movie.
And Pax was completely in his element the entire time. They did so great, sat so quietly and thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. And I loved sharing in their experience. Another little first in their lives.

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