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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend our family took a little roadtrip. On Friday morning we traveled to Broken Bow, OK where we met our wonderful friends for some weekend fun. We rented a beautiful 4 bedroom cabin, brought 2 coolers full of food and spent the entire weekend enjoying some GREAT company. We love their company! A cabin in the woods has never been my type of vacation. But now with children, my go-go-go type of vacay just doesnt fit us very well. So vacations have definitely been adjusted in the last few years since adding these little boys to our life. But honestly, what made this vacation so enjoyable was the time with my family and time with our dear friends. Here was our home for almost 3 full days, named Garden of Eden.
Jeremy and I's bedroom:
And the boys bedroom, which was right next door. Surprisingly, they slept pretty well in the same room. But not yet in the same bed. Pax is constantly refusing to sleep in the same bed as Holden. He still prefers his crib. So my big ole little boy slept in the pack-n-play all weekend. Which he calls his "pack-n-place". I should make a (long) list of the funny things he mis-says.The kids really enjoyed spending lots of time outside. We went on a little nature hike.
And they loved throwing stones into the river.That same evening, after the boys grilled steaks for dinner (and hot dogs for the kids), we roasted marshmallows at the firepit.
For the sole purpose of 'smores. :)
The kiddos ended their first night with warm baths and a bible story. And they crashed out pretty quickly.
The adults continued the fun with a soak in the outdoor hot tub and then some games once we were back inside.

On Saturday we had more outdoor fun, though it was pretty cold. It's funny how kids never care about the chilliness-factor. They just love to play outside!
And these nuts played golf in the cold weather. They were even given a significant discount on the game. I assume because the guy thought they were fools for playing in the cold. But they never miss an opportunity to play their favorite sport.
And just a few more pictures of our weekend fun.
A certain little, yet very tall, boy got into my contact case on Sunday morning while I was still sleeping. So I got to wear my glasses home on this beautiful, sunny day. Just one of the perks of sharing a bathroom with an independent 3 year old. :) On Sunday I was not ready to leave. The weekend had flown by and I could have easily spent 3 more days here with my family and these sweet friends. But all good things must come to an end. We'll just start looking forward to the next one.

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Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! :)