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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The boys first try at bowling!

This morning we claimed a family day. I spent too much time in the house this past week and last night I was begging to get out of here. Together. So Jeremy decided it was time to take the boys bowling. And they had so much fun! It was a little pricey for 1 hour of fun, so I'll need to keep my eyes peeled for Groupons in the future. Because we definitely need to go back and try it out again. It was such a fun morning of bowling and a Chick-Fil-A lunch with my family. It was much needed family time for all of us.
I love the tiny bowling shoes. :)
The ramp and bumpers were really helpful for the boys. And I may have taken advantage of those bumpers a few times also. :)
And some hiney shots with the granny bowl. :)


Katie said...

How cute! So much work to bowl with kids. My kids usually throw the balls down the wrong isle or don't roll them down hard enough. The kid roller helps as do bumpers. They are growing up!!

Amanda said...

If you sign up for the Brunswick emails they send tons of coupons.