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Monday, March 19, 2012

signs of spring. . .

You never know with the changing of the seasons. But I think spring is officially here to stay. And I am really trying to enjoy each day, because I know, in just a short amount of time, we'll be sweating bullets and avoiding anything outdoors between the hours of 11am and 5pm. But for now, the weather has been perfect. And we love spending the majority of our day outside. The boys stay busy digging in the dirt (where our blow up pool sat last summer), playing on their swingset, chasing each other all over the yard and going for rides in the wagon and jogger. And let me tell you they are quite a load to push or pull. Adds a little extra to my calories burn, I hope. ;) But here have been the recent signs of spring over here at our house.

We've busted out the spring/summer pajamas (and spring/summer everything else). In fact almost all long sleeves have been put away. Call me a weirdo, but I LOVE going through the boys clothes and re-organizing their closets and dresser drawers everytime the seasons change. It's one of my favorite "jobs". Oh, my little boy is really starting to look like a big-o boy.
The first mow of the season happened this weekend. Poor guy really struggles with allergies around this time of year. And we're not sure if this guard does anything for him.Many lunches and dinners on the backyard patio. And hopefully a little less sweeping of my kitchen floor.Just to name a few.

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The Everharts said...

can't believe how grown up they both look in this picture!