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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a birthday celebration

Yesterday was somebody's birthday!He turned 32. And we partied it up over here, complete with a Mickey Mouse balloon, picked out by the littles of the house.This sweet daddy even let his boys help him open his gifts. Holden kept asking me if we had gotten Jeremy a helicopter. No helicopters this time.We actually had a whole weekend of celebrating since that's my birthday style. You can't just do 1 day! Saturday night, we went out to dinner and bowling with friends. I didn't even think to bring along my camera. And guess what people! I broke 100 in bowling for my first time ever! Lauren was sweet and made Jeremy cupcakes. Complete with leopard print liners, which is just his style. :)
This is what J looks like at 7am. Makes me laugh. It takes him a little time to look (and feel) alive.
Sunday evening our little family went out to dinner at Jeremy's choice, 5 Guys.
These little boys will never complain about a cheeseburger, so Jeremy made a good choice. I love the above picture of Jeremy . . .I think he's cute. :) Even though in this picture it kind of looks like the straw is headed up Holden's nose. So then last night, we chilled at home. I made Jeremy's favorite dinner and more cupcakes. The boys really enjoyed celebrating their daddy. And I did too. My goal was to make him feel extra special and loved on his special day. I think it happened.


~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Happy birthday, J!!! And I love that y'all made a sign:)

Room For More said...

Love the pics--esp the first one. Too cute! Explain to me why we can't be next door neighbors???