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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

these guys.

I have to tell you that these guys have become the best of friends and sweetest of brothers. Now, I don't want to paint a false picture. They still fight, boss each other and steal toys that they honestly have no interest in, other than the fact their brother has it in his hands. But this is, by far, my favorite stage in their relationship. And I have a feeling it only gets better as they get older. I'm honestly not sure what they would do without one another.

When Holden was almost 16 months old and we decided to make ourselves available for adoption again, I was nervous. I was confident that God was nudging us to make that step. But I didn't know how all of this was going to go down. I wasn't sure if a could be a good mother to 2 babies at once. And obviously, by my own capacity, I couldn't. But by the grace of God and his guidance, we've made it so far. I know PLENTY of people do it (have kiddos close in age) and even plan it out that way. But I never saw US doing it. That was never our plan. But I've never looked back. I'm grateful that God threw my plan out the window years ago. His plan has been so much better. I know I've probably made that statement a million times on this blog. It's been the them of my life for the past several years. :) There's such blessings when we fully release control to the Father.

These boys are such wonderful playmates at this stage of their lives. Holden is now 3years (+8-ish months) and Pax is 2 years (+almost 5months). Holden constatly wants to play with Pax. He's always asking him to kick the ball with him, play chase, roll the cars, make a tent to play in, etc. Most of the time Pax is all for it and at other times he tells his big bro he's not interested. Holden is now at that social stage and really wanting to play with others most of the time. Pax isn't quite there yet. So sometimes he still prefers to play alone. Also, I hear the CUTEST conversations across the breakfast table each morning. I love hearing them talk to one another, reason through things and ask each other questions. I'm constantly, turning my back and laughing at these very real conversations. I think communication has grown their relationship. Now that Pax can talk, it's a whole new ball game for these boys. And it makes things pretty entertaining for the adults in this house.

It's easy to think that this is how our family was meant to be. But I also know that it took a very specific sequence of events, along with perfect timing to each detail. And that could only be orchestrated by God. If I think about it too long, I'm amazed. And I should be! These things don't happen by chance and I don't even like the phrase "meant to be". As if the wind might decide our destiny. Often when I think about these two boys that could have easily never crossed paths, I'm in awe by the miracle that God has made them brothers. And I'm very thankful that I'm able to be part of it.


The Skains Family said...

That made me a little teary eyed I have to admit. THey are so sweet. And being the mommy to two kiddos close in age, I get it. It does just get better. THe conversations we over hear are a complete joy, and when they put each others wants before their own... well, there's nothing like it. I am SO thankful that is how God put your family together! It is perfect! And His plan IS so much better than our own! Love you friend.

Amanda said...

I love that last picture. Such sweet boys...the miracle of them being brothers is overwhelming and amazing. Yay God!