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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Round of Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEARS!

A few days AFTER Christmas, Jeremy's mom and her husband came down for a visit and to celebrate Christmas with us. We had a great day visiting with them before they headed over to spend time with Jeremy's sister. 1 measly picture was taken. Actually 4 pictures were taken in an attempt to get this one. :)Happy New Year everyone! In talking with friends recently, I get the feeling that I may be the only 30-something out there that still does New Years resolutions. Really? Anybody else out there? I love it and just can't help myself for an opportunity to set new goals. A clean slate. A new year. It gets me all excited. Welcome 2012!!
My resolutions for this year:
1)Back to bright and early morning workouts. Running outside when it's not too cold. And my 30 Day Shred video on the mornings that it is. 5-6 days per week of working out. I feel so great on the days that I work out first thing in the morning. I love the time to myself. And starting the day this way helps me to make healthier food selections the rest of my day.
2) Get organized. When children entered my life, part of my brain exited. I used to be so organized. Now I'm not. Closets are a wreck and I'm no longer so great with time management. So I'm convinced that this little notebook is going to solve those problems. It's not a calendar. It's only filled with lined paper. But it's going to help me plan and accomplish in 2012. Convinced of it, I tell ya! ;)
3) I'm searching for a Bible reading plan. Not planning on speeding through the whole thing in a year. Just taking it slow and hopefully digging in. Any thoughts on that one?

What are your New Years Resolutions? Tell me I'm not the only one!
p.s. I asked Jeremy a few nights ago if he had any resolutions. He has never been much of a resolution-maker. So his answer was something like: Why would I make resolutions only to break them 4 weeks later? OH MY GOODNESS! Could we be any more opposite here!? I do sometimes call him "my cup half empty husband". But I love him dearly. :) I'm the dreamer. He's the practical one. It works. Cheers to a new year full of blessings!


Amanda said...

I'm making a goal for each month of the year instead of resolutions. I saw it on a blog and thought it was a neat idea. Good luck on your resolutions!

everyday graces said...

i started using a word for the year but this year in addition to my word I have one huge goal: to simplify our home and get rid of the excess so that it will be a more friendly, inviting space.

Brighter Sunshine said...

hey! its cogburn... just wanted to say hi - also when you figure out any good bible reading plans, please post about which one you are doing as im looking for one to start too. :)

ps. your kids are too cute!

The Linders said...

So funny! On the way home from Oklahoma, Ryan wanted to talk about our resolutions from last year and what our new ones would be. He loves New Years and making resolutions, and I hate them because I don't want to fail :)