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Monday, January 16, 2012


Last week we had a visit from some friends. Daysha and her boys came to visit for a few days. Lyndon was Holden's first friend. Ever. They are just a few weeks apart. And even though we left OKC when Holden was 17months old, he remembers his buddy. Even though he had a problem with calling Lyndon by the name "Max" ALOT. That's his other shaggy, blonde buddy.
4 little boys. We have only seen little Denton a couple of times. He's a sweetheart.
Thanks for spending part of your week with us! We loved the playtime and company!


Cara said...

I love these little buddy pictures! Lyndon told me multiple times while they were visiting me "I love Holden's house..." and "I want to stay at Holden's house forever!" So cute and sweet for them to have that friendship!

Daysha said...

No, thank you friend. Like I said we were a zoo!