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Saturday, January 7, 2012

a peek into our week

Some cuddle time with daddy.
One morning before breakfast. I see sweet moments like this one constantly these days. Just so you understand my final pictures, notice the tiny bald spot front and center of Holden's hairline. Jeremy was framing his face with The Peanut on Monday, when Holden jerked his head. Jeremy just wanted to let it grow and eventually maybe it wouldn't be noticed. But it looked so sloppy once we would comb out his hair. So I voted to bald him. I actually LOVE Holden as a baldy. Just wait.
Caught wearing my slippers.
and then daddy's work boots.
Then last night Jeremy pulled out The Peanut again. And drastically changed his look.
And now it's as short as it has ever been. Probably a hair (haha) too short, but I know how quickly his hair grows. So it should be perfect in 1 week.

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