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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Last night was our most fun Halloween to date. I think it mostly has to do with the age of the boys (2 and 3). They are both just into the fun stuff now. They are both understanding so much more. They are both communicating well. So last night was a blast for the 4 of us.
We started the evening with a large jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphys. They're only $6. Why am I just now finding this out!? Pax had 2 small slices and Holden could only choke down 1. And I know why. He gets so excited about different things. He has a one track mind. He was so excited about trick or treating, that eating dinner was just a chore. So he finished his small slice of pizza and then he was read to costume-up! And here is our 2011 little circus act! You may remember the elephant costume from last year. This is only Pax's first hand-me-down costume from Holden. I looked for him a different one, but didn't find anything as cute as the elephant I had at home. So we did a little repeat. And he definitely made a cute little elephant. People oohed and ahhed over him all evening. No joke. He was a big hit!And can you see why? Well, it's because he's adorable. :)
And meet Hoopy the Clown. That's what his costume was titled when I ordered it. I needed something to go with the elephant and this was all I could come up with. But Holden was the one and only clown I saw last night, which I liked. And a complete stranger told me "cutest costume I've seen in YEARS." Really? He's just a clown. Obviously she didn't see our peanut/elephant duo last year. But we'll take the compliment. I sure thought he looked cute. And he loved wearing the wig, the hat, the nose . . .all of it! Holden really enjoyed dressing up.
I adore this little family that God has created for me.
Pax was the brave soul last night. He owned the neighborhood. He walked up to doors, knocked, and waited. Then softly said "twick or tweeeeeeeet". He then would rummage through their treat bowls and choose his own candy. I found it funny that he wanted to pick it out. And all of the neighbors sweetly obliged and let him do so. Then he told them thank you and started moving towards the next house. Holden kind of followed behind, and was more timid last night. He wanted mommy or daddy close by and was often found holding one of our hands. It was just kind of funny to see the little brother take the reigns last night.
Yep, most fun Halloween to date. The boys loved dressing up and going house to house collecting candy. It was fun family memory. And a favorite in my book.


will + adri said...

So cute! I love that the costume theming has continued and the brothers are wearing coordinating attire! Glad you all had fun and a great Halloween to remember!

Lindsey said...

Very sweet, Melodie! I find every Halloween that I assume the kids know good Trick or Treating manners, and then we have to refresh every time. Thankfully, this year I sort of remembered in advance and gave them a little tutorial before we left. My nephew is 5 and chronically forgot to say thank you at each house, which frustrated my sister-in-law a good bit! It was funny though; these are the times we will remember.

Your little elephant and clown are terrific! Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey said...

PS--Papa John's jack o lantern pizza was $12, so I'd say you got a deal!

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

They were just the cutest lil trick or treaters!

Daysha said...


The Skains Family said...

So stinkin adorable! Seriously!! I love it. So glad you guys had a great time.

everyday graces said...

They r so cute!,,