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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas fesitivities . . . already??

Last night, a nearby town was having their annual Christmas tree lighting. It always catches me off guard that this takes place before Thanksgiving. In fact, last year it caught me off guard so much that we completely missed it. But here is a little peek from 2009 and how much Holden and Pax have changed in 2 years. As weird as it seemed, dressing the boys in their Christmas tees in mid-November, we went with it and enjoyed the free Christmas festivities last night. Of course Santa and the elves made an appearance. They were being pulled in the carriage.
The boys loved seeing the huge Christmas tree. They will be thrilled when we get ours set up at home. It should be a fun season with a 2 and 3 year old.
They were able to have their picture taken with Frosty and Rudolph. Which Pax did NOT love. He was "sca-wud" as he told me. He had a tight grip on my shirt and legs wrapped tightly around me. There was no peaceful way he would've had his picture taken with those creatures, unless I was there holding him. So I did. But he better man-up before it's time to get his picture taken with Santa. ;)And just a few more pictures from our evening.


Misty said...

I found myself giggling a little when I looked at the first picture in your post. I noticed a lady in a TANK-TOP holding a child during the holiday celebration.

Here in Minnesota, we are in full winter, sweaters, winter jackets, mittens and hats.

Just thought it was kinda of funny.

Melodie said...

yes! we had an unusually warm 2 days. and now it's chilly here again. i think it got up to 81 yesterday. but i can't really say "unusual" because we are in texas, and the weather constantly plays tricks on us. :)

everyday graces said...

How fun! Love their tees!