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Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 School Boys!

Today my little studs went to school. Jeremy went in late to work so he could come along and see the new school. For whatever crazy reason, I had a lump in my throat the entire drive there. Something about dropping off both of my little boys at a school for 5 whole hours . . . it just seemed odd! I had to keep reminding myself of the reasons we chose to do this. It confirmed once again why I'm only doing a 1 day program. Honestly, that is ALL I want. That's ALL I can handle. I enjoy my time with these 2 boys and I'm not ready to let them go just yet. :)
It was Pax's first time to ever participate and I was a little worried he might cry at the drop off. I talked it up and he told me he wouldn't cry. You know that drive when I had the lump in my throat and I felt like I was going to cry? Well, I was trying to talk to my 2-year old about being a big boy and I was on the verge of tears. That pep talk I was giving may have been just as much for myself. :) But Pax walked right into his classroom and began playing. I snuck a quick kiss goodbye and left. It was easy. His teachers said he did well all day until naptime. Then he began missing mommy. I did forget a stuffed animal and his paci, which would normally help him sleep. Pax ran to greet me when I arrived at the door. I'm so proud of my big 2-year old!
Holden was also given a good report. But he also failed at naptime today. I know they will both catch on to the schedule within a few weeks. I'm not complaining since they are both sleeping right now, as I waste a little time here. But I have to share a little brag story on Holden. At "Meet the Teacher" last week, there was a little boy that was having a really hard time. So yesterday I began talking to Holden about this boy, N, and explaining that N might be sad. I explained that he might miss his mommy and daddy and cry when they leave. I also explained that it would be nice that if he cries, he could approach him and say, "N, would you like to play cars with me?" So we arrived at Holden's classroom and we see N. His mom is trying to leave and N is having a really, really hard time and won't let go of her. My Holden would have normally waved me goodbye and run for the toys to begin playing. But today, he cautiously approached N and his mommy and stood watching, patiently. I watched Holden, as he stood close by with his hands folded behind his back, watching his new friend cling to his mommy and cry. His face was full of concern for this boy. I walked over to kiss Holden goodbye and gave him one last reminder to play with N. I walked out of the church and the tears started coming. My ball of energy, rough and tumble, 3-year old boy had genuine concern for his new friend. I saw compassion, care and kindness in my little boy. That's the big stuff people! Those are the important things that I want to instill in my children at an early age. His heart is golden. He's wild and crazy. And sometimes mean to his little brother. But he's learning and growing. And that's what matters to me most right now.
To this day, I can't allow myself to drift off to sleep at night without pouring out my thankful heart to God in what he's done for me. I love these boys more than I ever knew was possible. So each night, when the house is quiet, I realize the fullness of my heart because of the perfection of God's plan. So thankful.


The Coopers said...

so glad they had a good first day! so stinkin cute those 2 are!

The Linders said...

AND you made me tear up too! So proud of Holden - you're doing a good job, Mama!

The Nanny Family said...

That is the big stuff! It's such a blessing to watch our children learn to care and teach them how to be friends. I think you are doing awesome!
On the flip side, what did you do with your alone time today? I bet that was great, even if you were missing your sweet boys.