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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

C is for Junk Food!

Since the boys headed back to school on Thursdays, I'm trying to be consistent with doing 1 day of school at home. Whatever letter they work on that Thursday at school, I continue to review with them on the following Monday or Tuesday. And so far, they have been going straight through the alphabet. Last week they learned the letter C, so yesterday and today we have been doing some fun "C" activities. As always, I steal some ideas from other moms, other blogs and also this website is normally helpful. But the activities below are ones that I actually thought up in my own brain. Who knew I had it in me! :) My boys love doing crafts and that intentional time that we get to spend together. Literally, 30 minutes of prep time the night before can make for such an enjoyable morning with my boys.

C is for Cookies! Immediately after breakfast, we began to "study" ;) the letter C with Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!! I just told the boys cookies, since I didn't want to throw them off with the CH sound quite yet. They love helping in the kitchen. So they enjoyed taking turns mixing up the batter to make our cookies. While the cookies were in the oven baking, they worked on lining their "C" pages with cheerios. I did sort of steal this idea from a friend. Thanks Kristy. We talked about all the familiar words that begin with C. Cantelope. Cars. Camera. Color. Cookies. Cupcake. Crackers. Cold. Carrots. Cat. Cow. Cup. One boy worked really hard on the Cheerio project. Another boy enjoyed eating the Cheerios . . .and probably some tiny bits of gluestick. Take a look at the worksheets below and you be the judge.
C is for Cupcakes! Our next little project was cupcakes. The evening before, I had been making the C sound and asking what words started with C. Holden immediately blurted out "cupcake"! So he inspired this little craft. I had already glued down the foil cupcake bottom the night before. The boys glued on the chocolate cupcake top. And then their favorite part was gluing down the sprinkles.
Don't they look like pretty serious crafters?
And the finished projects . . .
C is for Candy Corn! The C ideas just kept coming to me. So today I pulled out the candy corn! Mmmmmm. Now we just need to add some salted mixed nuts to that bowl. :)The boys did a simple homemade candy corn puzzle while partaking in a little bit of the real deal.
If Holden and Pax remember anything about the letter C, it might only be that it is delicious! ;)


Amanda said...

C is for cute! All great ideas! And such cuties, too!

everyday graces said...

I do "mommy school" with Kate too. We aren't going in order. This week we learn about the letter F (for Fall, Four, Friends, Frogs etc.) We learn a bible verse. i pick and choose from
and i print off color sheets from
and we do other crafts, snacks, and check out books that highlight the letter of the week from the library. (farm books, fairy books, books about friends) It's really a lot of fun {even though i have no desire to homeschool...weird huh?}

will + adri said...

I love the letter "C"! What a great lesson!

The Skains Family said...

So very cute! And i have got MANY ideas from you too!