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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Jeremy wears jeans alot. Not to work, but any other place, he's in jeans. He has alot more jeans than I do. I'm pretty sure that he has more jeans than anyone in this house. I think he might be a collector. ;) Even when it's 107 outside, you will probably still find him in jeans. So Holden has been asking to wear jeans for months. But since all of his jeans from last year are high waters (yes, this fall our 3 year old will be wearing a 5T) and the heat has been so extreme, he hasn't been able to wear the beloved jeans. But he's taken notice that daddy wears them often. So combine that with the fact that they make a cool sound when he walks, then you understand why he has been begging to wear them. Constantly. So today, since the high was ONLY 90, we broke out a new pair of jeans. He was so excited to dress like daddy for church this morning. :) He was even more excited when the whole family ended up in denim.
Just another small way this boy looks up to his daddy. He even wants to dress like him. :)


The Skains Family said...

That is a sweet picture! He has gotten so tall.

Kierstin said...


The Mommy said...

Love the picture. I just recently had to get Carsten several pair of new jeans. Our 3 (almost 4) year old sported a size 7 jean yesterday, without any problems.